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X-Ray spectrometer is based on the method of the Energy- Dispersive-X-Ray-Fluorescence analysis (ED-XRF). The atoms in the sample material, which could be any solid, powder or liquid, are excited by X-Rays emitted from an X-Ray tube or radioisotope. All elements specific X-Ray fluorescence signals which are emitted by the atoms after the photoelectric ionization. The signals are measured simultaneously in a fixed mounted semi-conductor detector or sealed gas-proportional counter.


  • High precision sample cups with 32, 40, or 52 mm diameter.
  • Analysis can be done in He atmosphere, or in vacuum.
  • Analysis of sulfur content in diesel fuels according to IP532/05 and ASTMD7220-06

Manufacturer and Mode No.
Manufacturer:SPECTRO Analytical Instruments GmbH.
Model No.: Spectro IQ II ED-XRF






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Contact: Ext. 3621

Sulphur Determination by X-Ray Fluorescence