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Potentiostats or galvanostats are power supplies delivering either a constant voltage potentiostatic mode) or a constant current (galvanostatic mode) to an electrolytical cell. It comprises an electric circuit which controls the potential across the cell by sensing changes in its resistance, varying accordingly the current supplied to the system: a higher resistance will result in a decreased current, while a lower resistance will result in an increased current, in order to keep the voltage constant according to Ohm's law.


  • 2 A current max.
  • 100 V compliance.
  • 1.2 fA current resolution.
  • Built-in frequency response analyzer providing fully integrated DC and EIS analysis – 10uHz to 1MHz

Potentiostat; PARSTAT2273 is fundamental to modern electrochemical studies using three electrode systems for investigations of reaction mechanisms related to redox chemistry and other chemical phenomena. By doing that the system’s thermodynamic and kinetics can be studied. Therefore, the system can be used for:

  • Research electrochemistry
  • Corrosion
  • Sensors
  • Batteries/fuel cells
  • Electrodeposition/plating
  • Biomedical application

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:Princeton Applied Research
Model No.:PARSTAT® 2273 ; potentiostate/galvanostat/FRA


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