Kuwait University

The main objectives of the petroleum research center are to:

  • Conduct applied researches and studies for the oil and gas industry.
  • Collaborate with the E&P sectors in the State of Kuwait.
  • Focus in vital areas of research in applied petroleum fluid sciences.
  • Pursue internationally with enhanced vigor through innovative and scientific researches.
  • Broaden the basis of collaboration amongst various groups in order to have a full utilization of the facility.
  • Provide solutions for the existing reservoir fluid problems facing the national oil company.
  • Integrate all industry, academia, private R&D consultants, and students in order to provide technical solutions to reservoir fluid problems of timely interest.
  • Facilitate technical support to state-of-the-art research projects accomplished by the students under faculty supervision.
  • Investigate thoroughly, a wide spectrum of reservoir fluid problems with more emphasis on field applications.