The Petroleum Refining & Petrochemical Research Center (PRP Center) is located in the College of Engineering and Petroleum, Khaldia campus of Kuwait University. The center consists of a group of general facility laboratories that are dedicated to provide services and research studies related to petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. The center was officially launched in 2012 under the supervision of the Vice-dean of scientific affairs at College of Engineering and Petroleum.

The center consists of three laboratories (208, 209, and G-41 in 8 KH) with more than 27 up to date major equipments and instruments plus basic lab. supporting instruments. These equipments can serve the researchers in many areas of petroleum refining and petrochemical field such as biodiesel production, polymer studies, sulfur content in fuels, asphaltene characterization, resins, crude oils & heavy residues, supercritical extractions, qualitative and quantitative analysis of petroleum components. 

The technical staffs in the PRP center are well skilled and experienced. The PRP center has a good reputation when it comes to delivering the results accurately and on time. The center is recognized for its quality research that is focused on different research areas in petroleum refining and petrochemicals.


Kuwait University