Kuwait University


Kuwait University Petroleum Fluid Research Center (PFRC) is a part of the general facility laboratories of the College of Engineering and Petroleum (CEP) at Kuwait University (KU). PFRC  aims to provide scientific laboratory support to  KU researchers in reaching their research objectives in fields related to petroleum fluid quality  and quality assurance.

The Petroleum Fluid Research Center (PRFC) was established in 2009 to provide studies and applied researches for the oil and gas industry in the State of Kuwait. The PFRC is assigned as a general facility project (Grant No. GE 01/07). Ever after, PFRC has been run under the supervision of the Vice-Dean of Academic Affairs at CEP, and a general facility committee was formulated to establish the facility and operate its activities 

The primary objective of PRFC is to serve as center of research leading to the development of technologies to exploit, enhance, manage, and commercialize Kuwait's oil and gas resources.  PRFC is intended to foster research in a variety of areas including basic and applied studies of reservoir oil and gas properties, reservoir fluids characterization, swelling test, gas condensate, heavy oil, and EOR.  The center also provides full support to solve technical issues associated with oil and gas field operations in both short and long term.  The center undertakes technical services to generate technical database using its extensive laboratory and computing facilities.