Kuwait University
  1. Pilot studies are available for any faculty member in Kuwait University.
  2. KUSRF Services provided to funded research project are only available for investigators affiliated with Kuwait University.
  3. Laboratory equipment is only operated by KUSRF staff. Yet, the investigator is welcome to witness the test and make recommendations (if applicable).
  4. Analysis and interpretation of the test results is the responsibility of investigator. 
  5. Use of the equipment in KUSRF is subject to availability of equipment and consumables. Some equipment may require costly consumables. Please consult with the KUSRF staff for more details.
  6. The investigator must fill a request form for the equipment intended to use in the study. Request forms for equipment are available either at the KUSRF Laboratories (Ground floor of Building KH 8, College of Engineering & Petroleum) or via KUSRF website (http://www.gfleng.com/semiconductor-reserach-facility.html)
  7. The investigator must be able to supply samples to the lab that are either ready for testing, or can be readied using available tools for sample preparation. Please consult with the KUSRF staff for more details.
  8. At the end of a pilot study the principle investigator is kindly asked to submit a short report. 
  9. In the case of a publication that resulted from the funded research project, the investigator is kindly asked to submit a copy of the published work.
  10. The investigator must report the nature of the samples provided, if they potentially pose a risk to personnel or equipment. The nature and handling of such samples must be discussed with KUSRF stuff before handling.