One of the main goals of KUNRF is to promote experimental research in nanotechnology and advanced materials at Kuwait University. Different types of research projects can utilize the facility, requiring that the faculty member or student to be affiliated with Kuwait University. KUNRF services are available to the following research projects:

  • Funded research projects.
  • Unfunded research projects (or pilot studies)
  • Student projects (independent study, thesis, etc.)

An application form for each research category is available on-line in the KUNRF Forms tab. The investigator can also download request forms for major equipment. All investigators interested in utilizing KUNRF services are kindly advised to consult with the KUNRF staff in order to verify that the requested test can be conducted within the facilities. Such consultation will also examine if additional running costs (consumables) are required by the investigator. To ensure adequate services by KUNRF and equal research opportunities, the investigators are kindly requested to adhere to the following procedure and guidelines for lab work:

I. Procedure to apply for utilization of KUNRF services:

  1. The investigator must first apply for utilization of the KUNRF services by filling one of the application forms (funded research project, pilot study, or student project) available at the KUNRF website. The applicant is kindly asked to fill all required fields in the application. The information must be typed and not hand-written.
  2. The application will be reviewed by the KUNRF manager and a job number will be assigned to each application before starting any lab work.
  3. Upon assigning a job number, the investigator can start applying for a lab work by filling one of the request forms of the KUNRF equipment. The applicant is kindly asked to fill all required fields in the application. Information must be typed and not hand-written.

II. General guidelines:

The following outlines general guidelines for utilizing KUNRF equipment:

  • Laboratory equipment is only operated by KUNRF staff. Yet, the investigator is welcome to witness the test and make recommendations (if applicable).
  • Analysis and interpretation of the test results is the responsibility of investigator.
  • Use of KUNRF equipment is subject to availability. Some equipment may require costly consumables. In such case, please consult with the KUNRF staff for more details.
  • The investigator must fill a request form for the equipment intended to be used in the study. Request forms for equipment are available either at the KUNRF Laboratories (first floor of Building KH 8, College of Engineering & Petroleum).
  • The investigator must be able to supply samples to the lab that are either ready for testing, or can be readied using our available tools for sample preparation. Please consult with the KUNRF staff for more details.
  • All work that utilizes KUNRF (including published material or intellectual properties) should acknowledge the use of the facility.

Please refer to the application forms for additional guidelines applied to each category of research project.

Kuwait University