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Kinematic Viscometer

The Viscosity is the fluid resistance to shear or flow and it is a measure of the adhesive/cohesive or frictional fluid property. The resistance is caused by intermolecular friction exerted when layers of fluids attempt to slide by one another. The knowledge of viscosity is needed for proper design of required temperatures for storage, pumping or injection of fluids. Kinematic Viscosity is the ratio of absolute or dynamic viscosity to density - a quantity in which no force is involved. Kinematic viscosity can be obtained by dividing the absolute viscosity of a fluid with it's mass density.


  • Temperature ranges: ambient and 150 °C (302 °F), and down to –20 °C (–4 °F) with an external chiller
  • Dual digital displays show set point and actual bath temperature.
  • Conforms to ASTM D445, D2170 and related specifications for Kinematic viscosity testing.
  • It is applicable to measure all fluids including petroleum fractions

Manufacturer and Model No.
Model No.: KV 5000






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