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Hydraulic Press 12 Tons

The hydraulic press depends on Pascal's principle: The pressure throughout a closed system is constant. One part of the system is a piston acting as a pump, with modest mechanical force acting on a small cross-sectional area; the other part is a piston with a larger area which generates a correspondingly large mechanical force. Only small-diameter tubing (which more easily resists pressure) is needed if the pump is separated from the press cylinder.


  • Capacity: 12 Tons
  • Two-Column hydraulic press with heated platens.
  • Maximum temperature : 340 oC (»650 oF)
  • Platens: 15 cm ´ 15 cm
  • Ram stroke : 13 cm.
  • Daylight opening: up to 38 cm.


  • Materials research: ceramics, composites, construction materials, drugs, pharmaceuticals, powder metals, printed circuit boards, rubber, silicone and other elastomers, soil, thermoplastic resins and thermosets.
  • Quality and performance testing of physical properties: Compression strength, textural strength, shear strength, flow and color dispersion.
  • Molding, laminating, embossing, and bonding of various materials.

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:Carver, Inc.
Model No.: 4386, Manual Bench Top Heated Press.


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