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Gas Chromatograph –Mass Spectrometer

The Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) instrument separates chemical mixtures (GC) and identifies the components at a molecular level (MS). During the GC, a mixture will be separated into individual substances when heated and carried through a column with an inert gas (e.g. Helium). The separated substances by the column opening are flowing into the MS, which identifies compounds by the mass of the analyte molecule and search in mass library (stored on the PC), which is provided with several thousand compounds.

Gas Chromatography Specifications:

  • Inlet: Split/splitless (standard), S/SL
  • Maximum operating temperature 285 °C.
  • Pressure range: 0 to 60 psi
  • Maximum split ratio: 250:1
  • Column Oven: Operating temperature (25-325 °C).

Mass Selective Detector Specifications:

  • Ion source type: High temperature, heatable to 350 °C
  • Mass filter: Monolithic hyperbolic quadrupole
  • Maximum mass: 1050 amu.
  • Detector: Triple-Axis-Detector HED-EM with extended life EM
  • Scan rate (electronic): Up to 12,500 amu/s.

Manufacturer and Model No.
Model No.: 5975 MSD


Location: Bldg No. 8Kh, G41
Contact: Ext. 3621