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Freezing Point Analyzer

Freezing point analyzer combines a built-in cooling system and a highly precise detection system. It starts to cool the specimen gradually, while detecting the appearance of first crystal and then continue to cool to the desired temperature. After that, it start a reheating process at which the freezing point is determined when last crystal is disappeared. Other properties that can be determined in this unit is as follows:
Cd: is the temperature at which the first crystal appears.
Co: is the temperature at which the sample becomes dark.  


  • Determine the freezing point, Cd and Co of
  • Aviation fuel.
  • Heavy hydrocarbons and/or wax-containing products.

Standard Methods:

  • Standard Test Method IP 529;
  • Correlation to ASTM D 2386, D 7153, IP 16, ISO 3013, JIS K 2276


  • Measuring Range Ambient down to -120°C (-184ºC).
  • Resolution = +/- 0.1 oC
  • Stability = +/- 0.5 oC

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:PAC Instrumentation
Model No.: FZP 5G2s


Location: Bldg No. 8Kh, 208
Contact: Ext. 3621