Kuwait University

Designed to flash pressurized liquids and measure the gas oil ratio at equilibrium conditions. The liberated gas is measured with the gasometer at ambient conditions while the liquid is read in a sample graduated burette. It is based on two stage system with first stage at maximum pressure of 500 psi and second at atmospheric pressure. It consists of a precision bore, high pressure Pyrex cylinder of 40 cc capacity with stainless steel closures, pressure gauge, back pressure regulator, valves and tubing.


  • Volume: 40 cc
  • Pressure: vacuum to 500 psi
  • Volume accuracy: 0.1 ml
  • Wetted parts: Pyrex, stainless steel


  • Very easy to use
  • Accurate measurement of liquid volumePossibility to heat sample with an external heating fluid

Equilibrium Flash Separator Apparatus