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Energy storage system is a multiple independent-channel testing system designed for Research and Development and/or Production of batteries and other electrochemical energy-storage devices. Each channel operates independently of the others enabling users to run tests on multiple batteries at the same time. Each channel in the Energy Storage system is a true potentiostat and galvanostat with charging and/or discharging capability. Thus, BT2000 can handle both rechargeable and primary battery applications.


- Life Cycle Testing

Energy storage system can perform charge/discharge cycling of multiple cells or batteries simultaneously to obtain charge and discharge capacity, energy, DC internal resistance, and other valuable information.

-Device Simulation
Energy storage system allows the user to input collected dynamic device-performance information (current, voltage, power vs. time) and the system will charge/discharge according to the data. This prevents the user from having to program complex test profiles.
-Telecommunications Battery Testing
With optional pulse hardware, energy storage system allows the user to charge and discharge using GSM/CDMA or another user-defined custom pulse profile. With this option, the user can perform a single pulse with up to ten stages or a repeated pulse with 10 stages per cycle.

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:Arbin Instruments.
Model No.: BT2000.


Location: Bldg No. 8Kh, G41

Contact: Ext. 3621

Energy Storage System