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The analyzer uses a combustion process to break down the desired substances into simple compounds. The final products would be in the form of CO2, H2O, N2 and SO2. The components are separated by definite adsorbing columns, and finally they detected by the thermal conductivity detector for C, H, N and Infrared detector for S.


  • Simultaneous determination of carbon, nitrogen hydrogen and sulfur.
  • Temperature range: up to 1200°C.
  • Sample weight: up to 200 mg organic matter, up to 1.5 g soil
  • Dynamic ranges: C: up to 150 mg, N: up to 100 mg.
  • It is highly applicable for all petrochemicals, plant materials, residual waste, environmental samples as well as industrial products.

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:. Elementar
Model No.: Vario Macrocube Analyzer







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