Crude Oil Fractional Distillation System

Kuwait University

This equipment is essential to fractionate the petroleum crude oils into simple fractions for further study. This fractioning is based on the difference of boiling points of chemicals in crude oil. In order to operate under safe temperatures and to enhance evaporation, working under vacuum conditions is required; especially for heavy chemicals in crude oil. Therefore, this system is equipped with vacuum distillation sub-system. This system is operated fully automatic with computer control. This system confirm with ASTM D2892 or D5236 or both tests in the same unit.

Specifications for D2892 Packed Columns (True Boiling Point)
Distillation Column Efficiency:  15 Theoretical Plates
Vacuum Range:  100 to 1 mmHg
Packing Types:  Propak, Helipak, Structured Packing (other packing available on request)
Pot Size:  1.6 liters

Specifications for D5236 Vacuum Pot Still
Vacuum Range:  100 to 0. 1 mmHg
Pot Size:  1.6 liters

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer:B/R Instrument Corp.
Model No.: CODS Semi-Automatic Crude Oil Distillation System.



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