Crude Oil Compositional Analyzer

Petroleum reservoir fluids contain thousands of chemical components. Improving the prediction of their thermodynamic properties by means of compositional models depend mainly on improving our analytical knowledge of these fluids.  Fast and accurate Detailed Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA) software has been developed to provide automatic identification of the components up to C36. Two standard Gas Chromatographs are used to analyze the composition of the gaseous and liquids fractions of the sample. The values obtained from the liquid fraction are then treated by the DHA software which identifies the heavy fractions of the sample very accurately up to C36. Mathematical recombination software is also used to determine the recombined composition of the lived sample.

  • Natural gas analyzer for wet gas analysis up to C14 based on the standard GPA 2286
  • Liquid analyzer for crude oil and condensates analysis
  • A chemstation for the two chromatographs
  • DHA software and PVT identification file for identification of heavy fractions

Data recombination software


  • Detailed analysis of hydrocarbons up to C36
  • Weight %, mole %, volume %
  • Molecular weight and distribution up to C36
  • Automatic recombination of gas and liquid
Kuwait University