CDS Analytical Pyroprobe 5200

Kuwait University

The subsequent cracking of solid or liquid sample under inert conditions at high pressure is very important task for the identification of the chemical structure of the substance, especially those which are constructing from many components either in solid or liquid state. CDS Analytical Pyroprobe 5200 is a subsequent multiple step method (up to eight steps), platinum filament pyrolysis instrument which prepares samples for analysis by gas chromatography hyphenated with mass spectrometer or FTIR.


  • FILAMENT TEMPERATURE: Settable in 1°C increments to 1400°C.
  • TIMES: Settable in units of 0.01 second to 999.99 sec. or in units of 0.01 minute to 999.99 min.
  • HEATING RATES: Settable in units of  0.01°C/millisecond from 0.01 to 20.00°C/mS, or 0.01 to 999.99°C/Second, or 0.01 to 999.99°C/Minute.

Analysis of complex compounds (e.g. Asphaltenes, Polymers, Tires, etc..) after their cracking into the corresponding simple units. The products are analyzed by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and are identified by using reference chromatograms and literature data.

Manufacturer and Model No.

Manufacturer:CDS Analytical., US
Model No.: 5200 HP-R


Location: Bldg No. 8Kh, G41
Contact: Ext. 3621