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Automatic Film Applicator

Manual draw downs are often inconsistent especially between operators. This makes sample comparisons difficult or unreliable. The main factors affecting the draw down are the shear rate and downward force applied to the applicator tool. The applicator in PRP Center uses a precisely controlled beam to push a fixed gap applicator or wire wound bar applicator which traverses over the substrate at a selected speed and with constant downward force.


  • Automatic Film Applicator with glass bed.
  • Speed range: 50-500 mm/sec. in increments of 10 mm/ sec.
  • Preset speed memories = 3.
  • Stroke length: up to 350 mm
  • Test panel size: 420 mm ´ 300 mm
  • Wire bar coater attachment included
  • Wire bar: Diameter = 10 – 13 mm, Length = 320 mm (effective)
  • Conforms to ASTM D 823 Practice C
  • Two stroke lengths

Manufacturer and Model No.
Manufacturer: Sheen Instruments.
Model No.: Sheen 1132N.


Location: Bldg No. 8Kh, G41
Contact: Ext. 3621